Dear Valued Partner,

Building on the resounding success of the 2023 Seminar, which witnessed record-breaking participation and an influx of valuable leads, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your instrumental role in making it a triumph!

We are thrilled to announce that forthcoming Telegrupp Seminar 2024 will be taking place on the 11th of April 2024 at the prestigious-yet-familiar Kultuurikatel. Your presence is highly coveted as our preferred partner, as we believe your contribution will once again elevate the event to new heights.


This event offers a prime opportunity to engage with our active customer-base, fostering connections with existing clients and potential collaborators alike.


The preparation day on April 10th (starting at 12:00) ensures a smooth setup for booths, so the day of the event doesn't start with a rush. As tradition holds, after the event there's an evening program which promises live music, delightful food, cocktails and networking opportunities.

Your investment, should You be interested in this opportunity, as follows:

A 35-minute presentation slot costs 1 700 € (24 slots in total).  Multiple time slots per participating partner are also welcome, but do bear in mind, there are no package deals for this.

In addition, throughout the day, there is an opportunity to showcase Your solutions in the central demonstration area, a blank booth for a day is 1 100 € (30 booth slots in total), all booths include furniture and a screen. All the banners, decorations and/or demo equipment should be brought by Your team. Don’t forget, if You have a distributor in Estonia or in the vicinity, they are more than happy to help you!

As an upgrade to this year's event as a way to entice more technical experts to join – we have also rooms for workshops, if You feel Your solutions are better suited for explanation in-depth. There are few 140-minute slots (with a pause to have enough time to visit the demonstration area) in select classrooms, where You have the opportunity to either go some specific use cases or even provide hands on labs or demonstrations, to really drive the point home.

A 35-minute presentation with an all-day demo booth costs 2 380€.

All these packages include full day catering and evening snacks with drinks. Please note that we will provide hotel discount offers to You in February.

If You need any additional information, just let us know on our preferred contact:

For urgent enquiries you may contact us at:

Karinee (+372) 56 928 524

Please confirm your participation by January 31st (at the latest) by filling out form below.

Participation registraton:


Description of demo table layout and what will be provided

We will provide you table covered with black stretch cloth, chairs, screen 55" and power sockets. Everything else is up to you.

Description of demo area

Demo area is at Cauldron Hall. There will be 30 demo tables. Middle slots will be sperated with cloth wall.

Your demo table location will be decided by Telegrupp team.

What is included in the cost?

All packages include full-day catering, evening entertainment, snacks and drinks.  

What expenses does the presentation cost cover?

The presentation cost covers a 35-minute presentation slot, full-day catering, and evening entertainment, snacks and drinks.

Are there any package discounts available?

Yes, we offer the following packages:

Demo table + Presentation Slot: €2380

Demo table + Workshop: €3060

Presentation Slot + Workshop: €3570

Demo table + Presentation Slot + Workshop: €4540

Can we use our own computer for the presentation?

Yes, we prefer you to use your own computer. On-Site Presentation System has both display and audio via HDMI. We can also provide a laptop on-site; just let us know in advance and share the presentation at least 2 weeks before the event.

When is the earliest time to set up the demo stand?

Demo table setup is will take place on April 10th from 12:00 to 18:00, unless agreed otherwise.

Is there assistance available for the setup of the demo table?

If you're unable to set it up yourself, please contact your local distributor. If you don't have a distributor in Estonia, the Telegrupp team will assist you.

Will virtual demo be incorporated into the event this time?

Yes, we'll be using the Worksup platform. You can set up a Virtual Demo about the company, with brochures, information, website, contact and files for customers to access and download.

How to get on site?

The address is Kultuurikatel, Kursi tn 3, Tallinn, Estonia, 10415. On the preparation day, enter from door A1; On the day of the event, enter from the front door starting at 08:00.

Is remote presentation an option?

No, Telegrupp Seminar has always been an event to have a real connection between You and our Customers.

Where is the designated parking area?

Parking is allowed across the street in the public parking lot. Please check information here.

What is the preferred method of payment for our participation?

You will be invoiced shortly after the event if not agreed otherwise.

What is the deadline for confirming our participation?

The deadline is 23:59:59 EET, January 10th, 2024.

When will the final event schedule be available?

The final schedule will be available one month before the event.

How can we collect customer contacts during the event?

Simply ask them or distribute your business cards or forms on the demo table. We, as event hosts, cannot provide personal information; only overall statistics.

When should we dismantle and pack our demo stand?

Right after the event on April 11th from 17:00.

Where can we store our demo equipment before and after the event?

You can send them to our warehouse, and we'll arrange to ship them back to you. Please notify us in advance.

Is it possible to ship our demo equipment in advance?

Yes, inform us and send them directly to our warehouse. We'll organize them for Kultuurikatel on the prep day.

What time do the doors open on April 11th, and when should we ensure our readiness?

Doors open at 7:50; please ensure your readiness by 7:45.

May We conduct our own giveaways or prized quizzes on-site?

Yes, feel free to use your imagination for marketing and contact sharing. If you need help designing and/or producing marketing materials in Estonia, please contact