Dear Valued Partner,

2022 year’s Seminar was a huge success with the largest participant count and most new leads ever, thank you for that!

We have now locked-in a date for this year’s event – Telegrupp Seminar 2023. The event will take place on 8th of March 2023 at Kultuurikatel. We are pleased to invite You to participate as our preferred partner.

Participating in our seminar will provide You with an opportunity to meet with our most active customer-base face to face, to re-ignite conversations with long-standing clients, but also introduce yourself to new potential customers.

As years prior – we have a full preparation day on 7th of March 2023 starting from 12:00 so any intricate booths can be set up and tested in a relaxed environment before the actual event.

Like after the 2022 Seminar, there is an evening programme with live music, great food, socializing and cocktails.

Your investment, should You be insterested in this opportunity, as follows:

A 35-minute presentation slot costs 1 500 € (27 slots in total).  Multiple timeslots per participating partner are also welcome, but there will not be any extra discounts for this.

In addition, throughout the day, there is an opportunity to showcase Your products and solutions in the central demonstration area, a blank booth for a day is 900 €(30 booth slots in total), all booths include furniture and a screen by our side. All the decorations and/or demo equipment should be brought by Your team. Don’t forget, if You have a distributor in Estonia or in the vicinity, they are more than happy to help you!

A 35-minute presentation with an all-day demo booth costs 1 950 €.

All these packages include full day catering and evening snacks with drinks. Please note that we will provide hotel discount offers to You in January. If You need any additional information just let me know:, +372 56928524.

Please confirm your participation by February 11th (at the latest) by filling out form below.

Participation registraton: