Telegrupp 2014 consolidated results

Revenue for the 2014 was 14,7 M Euros. Profit decreased to 1,2 M Euros.

Telegrupp 2013 results

Revenue for the 2013 YoY was 12,7 M Euros. Profit climbed 31 % to the 1,2 M Euros.

Telegrupp FY 2012 results

2012 was exceptionally good growth year with revenue climbing about 40%. 

FY 2011 results

Telegrupp AS 2011 revenues totaled 9 million Euros, profit 0,87 million Euros. 
YoY increase of the revenues was 30%, while profits rose 9%. Exports to EU and non-EU countries rose 69% when compared to 2010. Sales of goods decreased 22% while services increased 72%.

Telegrupp now updated to AAA credit rating

Krediidiinfo AS, an Experian group company has upgraded Telegrupp from AA in 2011 to AAA on 2012. 

FY 2010 results

Telegrupp AS 2010 revenues totaled 6,88 million Euros, profit 0,8 million Euros.

Revenues from service agreements rose by 58% and Mobile IP Centrex telephony service sales surged 31% and export surged 54%.

ESTTACS – Estonian Tactical Communication System

Original article: Ministry of Defence » Defence Investments » Procurement » Communication

It is the task of the Ministry of Defence to plan and organise IT and telecommunications procurements within its governance area and, if appropriate, conduct supervision of the proceedings linked to the life cycle of the acquired equipment.

Telegrupp is now IBM premier level partner

Telegrupp has recently met the IBM PartnerWOrld® criteria to become Premier level partner

FY 2009 results

Telegrupp AS 2009 revenues totaled 7 million Euros decreasing 27% Y-o-Y. Pretax profit decreased 27% to 752 thousand Euros.