Video distribution server

NEW!  Video distribution server for Surveillance cameras

Any camera to any user, securely
Telegrupp's latest Video Surveillance Camera Real Time streaming server is ideal for distributing video streams over Local Area Network (LAN) or Internet to workstations.
Since it has 2 Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NIC), it keeps the secure surveillance LAN separate from the enterprise LAN, giving the power to stream any surveillance video stream and audio signal to any workstation with Internet Explorer web browser or even to the Internet.

Typical uses
  • City government, municipalities, wishing to give access to some camera streams to the different city authorities.
  • Large schools, Hospitals
  • Ferry ports
  • Airports- can share video streams from some cameras securely to many dedicated users (gate view for boarding officials, to avoid congestions) 
  • Office buildings- single video surveillance system can be installed and access to video streams can given to the lessees.

Highly secure system
Due to the physical separation of the two local area networks (one for users, one for surveillance) no user has direct access to the cameras neither surveillance LAN. Companies without such high network security requirements for the surveillance and enterprise LAN, can of course simplify the installation by using single LAN or Virtual LAN (VLAN) configuration. The video streams between the streaming server and user workstations are encrypted. 

Enterprise security manager can thus decide which cameras are available to which users to view. To make managing of the user groups even easier, the server asks for authentication information from LDAP database. Therefore users can log on using their company logon credentials or ID. As an option, Security Manager can select and configure some cameras to be open and viewable to any user without the need to authenticate. There is separate administrator account for setting up the LDAP and IP addresses of the cameras. Administrator does not have "free" access to the video streams, he too has to get his viewer rights from the Security Manager. 

Easy installation
Using LDAP server, installation of the system is very easy. Required certificates and plugins will be installed to the workstations automatically with no need of interaction. To standalone PC-s the installation should not take more than 3 min/workstation. LDAP is not the only option for validating users. If LDAP is not in use- local MySQL database is used. 

User interface
Users do not need to install any specific software, Internet Explorer web browser is required to see the video stream together with audio. Later releases of the software will work with Safari and Firefox for Apple Mac OSX workstations. If allowed, user can see many cameras simultaneously in the window. Users are authenticated using information from LDAP database. Authorized users can only view the streams granted by the rights obtained  from LDAP database. As an option, there is possibility to set some cameras to be "open" cameras, accessible by any viewer without the need to log in. 

Cost saving 
Streaming server allows to save money on making security camera video stream available to any user in your company or Internet. Virtually any number of IP cameras can be connected and any number of Windows or Mac workstations can view the video streams together with audio. Streaming server works with many onvif compatible IP cameras like Sony, Bosch, Axis etc. 

System can easily be scaled up using many Streaming servers and even separate Control servers. Our largest hospital installation has 2 redundant Control servers and 4 streaming servers. 
Software architecture

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Technical data


Max no of cameras4950200
Max no of simultaneous viewers1020200500
LDAP user authenticationyesyesyesyes
Audio from camerayesyesyesyes
Videocam streaming protocolsmjpeg, mpeg, H.264, H.263mjpeg, mpeg, H.264, H.263mjpeg, mpeg, H.264, mjpeg, mpeg, H.264
ONVIF supportyesyesyesyes
Auto discovery of the camerasBosch, other cameras on requestBosch, other cameras on requestBosch, other cameras on requestBosch, other cameras on request
Browser based configurationyesyesyesyes
Streaming server operating systemLinuxLinuxLinuxLinux
Standalone standard ITX Standalone standard ITX1U 19" rack mount2U 19" rack mount

Supported OSWindows, LinuxWindows, LinuxWindows, LinuxWindows, Linux
BrowserIE, FirefoxIE, FirefoxIE, FirefoxIE, Firefox
Matrix view4 cameras9 cameras9 cameras9 cameras
Full screen optionyesyesyesyes
Camera audio muteyesyesyesyes

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