Data Centers

We are manufacturing turnkey Data Center container solutions. Modular Data Centers (DC) are designed for rapid deployment, energy efficiency and high-density computing to deliver Data Center capacity at a lower cost than traditional construction methods, and significantly reduce the construction time. Telegrupp can deliver IT standalone containers.

What it is?

A modular Data Center system is a portable method of deploying data center capacity. An alternative to the traditional DC, a modular DC can be placed anywhere data capacity is needed. The container is portable, so it can be relocated or deployed in non-traditional data centers, such as urban spaces. A DC container is also faster to deploy than a traditional Data Center.

The more common type of modular Data Centers, referred to as Containerized Data Centers or Portable Modular Data Centers, fits data center equipment (servers, storage and networking equipment) into a standard shipping container, which is then transported to a desired location. Containerized Data Centers typically come outfitted with their own cooling systems.

Telegrupp Super High Density Data Center Solution

20' version
40' version
  • With self-lifting legs
  • 50kW IT load
  • 80kW cooling capacity
  • Drawer style cooling units on rails 
  • 7 racks
  • UPS
  • Fire suppression system
  • Access control and security system
  • Monitoring system
  • With self-lifting legs
  • 100kW IT load
  • 160kW cooling capacity
  • Drawer style cooling units on rails
  • 14 racks
  • UPS
  • Fire suppression system
  • Access control and security system
  • Monitoring system


Telegrupp Data Center Solution

Container solutions can be manufactured in different sizes and configurations to suit your needs and all our solutions meet the high ISKE standards which are based on a German Information Security standard - IT Baseline Protection Manual (IT-Grundschultz).

Transport position
Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
Working position
12192 2600 3000
 Capacity Weight (kg) Area (m2)
 66 11 000 24

Unit will ensure storage conditions from -50C up to +50C. Unit can be stored in these conditions without external power for up to 24h. Storage environment can be remotely monitored. Unit is designed and constructed in accordance with TIER 2 TIA standards.
Deployment time is 12 hours, repacking time is 48 hours.
Technology and equipment
Modular UPS up to 160kW, UPS stand-by at 50kW IT load 20 minutes, cooling capacity up to 80kW, up to 12 computer racks 1100x600mm, 3 In-Row coolers, 3 condensers, power distribution board with an automatic bypass (2x main grid, UPS, generator), fire suppression system NOVEC, Zabbix based monitoring system.
International Standards
EN ISO9001; AQAP 2110
Exploitation period
20-25 years