Security management


AEOS Global is an access control and security system intended for centralized security systems operating at multiple locations across the globe. It can handle large numbers of system users, carriers, badges, doors and events, spread across sites in different continents and time zones. It offers real-time steering of physical sensors and hardware devices, as well as centralized information gathering from these points. AEOS Global can also be integrated with third party software and hardware systems.

Global scope

Using AEOS Global, you can implement a worldwide security policy that complies with your IT policies and meets your network and card technology demands.  AEOS Global offers state-of-the-art access control models and a range of (biometric) identification and verification options. Its free configurability, user roles, preferences, authorizations and data filters allow parts of the system to be managed globally, while others are steered locally. For example, Anti Pass Back may be needed at one site, but not at another. 
AEOS can easily accommodate such differences without weakening your overall security policy. AEOS Global supports multiple time zones. It applies local time not only to day-time schedules, but also to the presentation and analysis of events from network devices. It can handle multiple database technologies, operating systems and application/web servers as well as mixed-language data entry and presentation, also in non-Latin languages.


Selecting an access control and security system represents a major investment. Obviously, procurement processes are rigorous and based on current functional and technical demands. But do they take possible future adjustments into account? Growth is just one of many changes likely to occur, so you need a system that can accommodate these quickly and at a reasonable price.
AEOS Global is designed to cater for future growth. It is scalable, ready for integration with third-party systems, and steadily being improved and expanded with more modular options. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

AEOS Global strengths

AEOS Global special features

· Easily manageable authorization model
· Scalability
· Flexibility
· High-performance architecture
· Low TCO
· Visitor management
· Car Park Management
· Contractor Management
· Reporting
· Partitioning into units
· Multi Server
· Carrier Auto Block
· Security Level scenarios
· Rule Engine

AEOS at a glance 

AEOS Enterprise Brochure

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