Telegrupp Seminar
Ready for Extreme future?


Olete oodatud 12. aprilil 2017 Tartusse Eesti Rahva Muuseumisse Telegrupi seminarile.


  • 8.00 Buss väljub Tallinnast, Tartu mnt 63
  • 10.30 Saabumine ERMi, sisseseadmine
  • 11.00 Build up complete solution using:
    • Switching, how to build up networks which meet today’s business needs.
    • Wireless, number of wireless clients and applications is growing rapidly, how to keep all users happy in changing environments.
    • Management, how to make network management more easy and release time from maintaining to development.
    • Control, do you have clear picture where all devices are in you network and whom is using those?
    • Analytics, do you have visibility end to end service and can you measure user’s quality of experience?
  • 13.00 Lõunasöök
  • 14.00 Add more WLAN security with ADSP, can you detect threats in your WLAN or wanted to see how users move with their devices?
    • Extreme Could, could managed networks are growing rapidly, hear what we can offer now and in the future?
  • 15.00 Muuseumi küastus giidiga
  • 18.00 Sõit Tallinnasse tagasi
  • 21.00 Saabumine Tallinasse
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