OneNumber: new IP communication solution for Mobile operators

Telegrupp AS is developing on the new Mobile IP Centrex converged communication solution for the Mobile operators, searcing for the synergy with landline operators. New solution brings your mobile services with the same numbering to the PC as well as to the desktop phone. It allows you to dial outward calls or receive incoming calls whatever device you are using with the single numbering. From the hotel with the internet connectivity you can now make calls with the regular home pricing.
Companies can now discard their old-fashioned, hard to maintain legacy PBX-s and replace it with the new Mobile IPCentrex OneNumber solution. It was impossible up to now, because mobile traffic was not very reliable in urban areas and forwarding of the answered calls was impossible. OneNubmer uses dedicated IP connection and therefore quality and reliability issues are solved. Calls between company employees are free of charge and it is so even between the offices in different countries. Name cards can from now on printed with the single direct number only. OneNumber can be combined with the landline phone network as well, to provide low tariff inbound traffic numbers.

Instead of using PC-s for calling, usual IP telephones using SIP or MGCP standard can be used as well, i.e. Cisco IP phones.

Telegrupp has ongoing discussions for the implementation of the solution with the Estonian and Finnish network operators.

More information: Ivo Remmelg, phone +372 504 2706