New Video Distribution Server from Telegrupp

New Surveillance Video Distribution Server released in June 2010, features  user grouping with LDAP support, inbuilt audio, and browser based client. 
Typically, Video surveillance systems use dedicated LAN for video signal transport. Enterprise LAN is kept separate. Streaming video and audio from Security system to any user was technically quite changeling task. With the new Telegrupp Video Distribution Server, video and audio can be streamed to any user, group of users or even internet. Viewers can have small browser window open on their desktop and see video and audio from any camera that is set up in the system for public viewing. It is not that any camera is now seen in the internet, but the server asks for authentication from the LDAP database, so domain usergroups and settings apply to the user. 
The server will be available from the June 2010 in three configurations. 
More information on the Video Distribution server can be obtained here.