MBO in Telegrupp (edited)

Comliet UAB, the Telia-Sonera group company, holder of the 55% majority stake of the Telegrupp AS shares, sold his holding on the last day 2005 to the management. Merko Ehitus AS, holding 45% of the shares sold 13% of the Telegrupp shares to the management.

Kari Lorvi, Indrek Olkonen and Ivo Remmelg now have 25%, 16% and 28% of the shares accordingly.

Sale was completed and Merko Ehitus sold all the rest of the shares in June 2006. Now all the shares belong to the management.

Telegrupp AS gained EUR 157 thousand pretax profit on EUR 4,8 million revenues according to the 2005 unaudited results.