IPCentrex now available to Elisa customers

Telegrupp's IPCentrex has been available for Estonian incumbent Elion users since 2007. Starting from June 2009, the most advanced IPCentrex services are available also to Elisa subscribers. 
Telegrupp AS in cooperation with Thomson Telecom has developed IPCentrex telephony for corporate customers since 2004. Platform uses Thomson's next generation VoIP softswitch and Telegrupp's provisioning, selfcare, Unified Mesaaging, Call Center, Call Recording, automated billing and many other services. 
Both Elisa and Elion are renting the same IPCentrex platform and resell it to their most valued corporate customers including Hospitals, SPA-s, Call Centers, Multinational corporations, law offices and others. Communication As A Service (CAAS) business model has proved to be 100% risk free, zero CAPEX and very effective. 
No other competing solution can reach the functionality, usability and effectiveness of the Telegrupp IPCentrex solution. 
IP Centrex connected with the Mobile network will provide all IPCentrex services to the mobile subscribers. Users have then choice of any terminal in any location for using any available service. 
For further information: +3725042706,