FY 2006 results

Telegrupp 2006 FY revenues totaled 4,9 million Euros increasing 1% on year-over-year comparison. to FY2005, profit increased 138% on Y-o-Y comparison to 332 thousand Euros.
2007 revenues are expected to grow to Euro 5,7 million and profit remaining on the FY2006 level.

Telegrupp is systems integrator in the Telecoms, IT and security Industries. At the end of the 2006 Telegrupp won the largest ever Estonian Low Current Systems main contractor agreement for Viru Vanlga (Viru Prison) 4,8 million.

Telegrupp AS has 38 employees in Tallinn, Tartu and Brussels offices.

Telegrupp As press contact: Ivo Remmelg +372 50 42 706