Cayin Technology and Telegrupp Extends Digital Signage Applications into Art Museum. Taipei, July 05, 2006

Kumu Art Museum, newly open art museum in Estonia has chosen Telegrupp and Cayin Technology digital signage solution to offer the museum and artists an innovative way to communicate and express creativity.
The Art Museum of Estonia today includes five active branches: Kadriorg Art Museum, Niguliste Museum, Adamson-Eric Museum, Kristjan Raud House Museum and Kumu Art Museum. Kumu Art Museum is the new main building of the Art Museum of Estonia. It is a multifunctional art museum that includes exhibition halls, an auditorium, and an education center for children and art lovers of all ages.

Kumu has been thought as a platform where art and technology can work together. They plan to, with the aid of modern technologies, communicate efficiently to visitors and to offer artists the possibility to express their creativity extensively. They succeeded in fulfilling their needs by choosing Cayin Digital Signage solution as a powerful platform for distributing information over IP network and his recognized partner Telegrupp as the installer; 32 SMP-PRO and 13 CMS PERF servers are installed.

On one side, 12 SMP-PRO are connected to one 40" NEC and eleven 32" Philips TFT displays. Displays are located at the entrances of the building, at the exhibition halls and at the auditorium. They are used to display information to visitors. Information, mainly video, is updated once a week for every new exhibition.

On the other side, 2 CMS Performance servers (offering 8 inputs each for streaming video) and 16 SMP-PRO players are located in a server room. Servers are used to convert any analog inputs (TV, DVD, VCD, and camcorder) into video streams that transit over data network. SMP-PROs are used to convert video streams from other sources into analog outputs that are connected to one cable TV network. This cable is then connected to the network of TVs within the museum. Both cable TV network and video streams on data network are used for sending live video across the museum so any performance or speech from any room can be displayed on every screen within the museum.

Finally, 4 SMP-PRO players and one CMS Performance server with 4 inputs are reserved for artists to also allow them to send and receive video signals across the museum.

The content displayed is chosen by Kumu management and produced by specialized third parties in Estonia. The update and management of the content is done locally by an IT administrator, for whom this is only one of many tasks.

SMP-PRO is Cayin Technology’s entry level digital signage player. It is part of the SMP-PRO series which offers division-type presentations. SMP-PRO uses a JPEG image as the display background. With a simple PC software tool Cayin offers, it is possible to either narrowcast full screen video (from the hard disk drive or live streaming signal from server) or draw up to three dedicated areas: one area for scrolling text, one for stored/lived video or image slide show, and one for the background. For each area, the size and the location can of course be chosen for customized presentation. SMP-PRO supports most popular codecs and file formats, such as MPEG 1/2, AVI, WMV, MP3, JPG, GIF, etc.

Incorporating CMS server with SMP-PRO allows the use of centralized and scheduled content update management and real-time streaming video. From the server side, administrators can create and schedule playlists of videos. Groups of players can also be created and players network status can be monitored remotely.

Cayin Technology offers a web-based user interface for both CMS Server and SMP players. SMP player can be used either as a networked stand alone player or under a server-client structure.

Digital signage, also known as narrowcasting or electronic billboards, is a network of signs that use digital displays to communicate with target audiences in designated locations by high-quality video, audio, animation, graphics, and texts. Replacing and enhancing traditional signs, digital signage offers a multimedia communication platform to promote, inform, and educate.

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Telegrupp in Brief

Telegrupp is a systems integrator in Telecommunications and IP networking. Founded in 1997, Telegrupp has its offices in two major Baltic cities, with its head office in Tallinn. The company was acquired by Comliet UAB (Telia-Sonera group) and Merko Ehitus AS in 2002, being joined to one of the largest communications integrators in the Baltic Region, followed by MBO in late 2005. The company has been fast growing and profitable since founding, making EEK 77 million in revenues and EEK 2 million profit in 2005.

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Cayin Technology in Brief

Cayin Technology is established by a group of professionals specializing in development, researches, and engineering. Cayin devotes itself to providing complete solutions in multimedia, network, and embedded fields, integrating computers and audiovisual appliances in various commercial applications, such as dynamic digital signage and video-on-demand systems in retail, transportation, education, and hospitality. In order to best facilitate the deployment of Cayin products, we also provide tailored hardware and software services to satisfy customers’ demands for almost limitless applications. Our mission is to continue to innovate and concentrate on providing our customers with foresighted new solutions.
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