ESTTACS – Estonian Tactical Communication System

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It is the task of the Ministry of Defence to plan and organise IT and telecommunications procurements within its governance area and, if appropriate, conduct supervision of the proceedings linked to the life cycle of the acquired equipment.

The most important projects in process are the development of an air defence system and acquisition of new 3D radars in co-operation with Finland. The modernisation of communication solutions and systems of the defence forces is carried out on a current basis; also, the modernisation and digitisation of the information systems of the defence forces is a priority.

ESTTACS – Estonian Tactical Communication Systems

Establishment of modern and integrated communication capabilities is one of the priorities for the development of the defence forces. The central programme is currently the up-building of a tactical communication system of the Estonian Defence Forces and Infantry Brigade, the ESTTACS (Estonian Tactical Communication System).

The objective is to establish a common communication and information system for ensuring the Defence Forces with all the modern communication opportunities, including voice, radio and data communication and their compatibility with NATO’s structures.

ESTTACS represents a network of communication nodes with high transmittance and processing performance, which will be used to merge the communication systems of staffs, battalions and other units into a uniform and diversified network. The required modern communication equipment will be bought from companies including Selex Communications (Italy), Draca Comteq (Finland), AS Telegrupp.

The development of the system has taken place, in stages, since 2005. The solution was successfully tested, to a limited scale, in spring 2007 during the “Spring Storm” training. The construction of an information and communication technology training and development centre of the Defence Forces and furnishing the training laboratories is taking place at the same time. The communication capabilities of the Defence Forces will receive a new qualitative level by the implementation of ESTTACS. The whole system should be applicable in the Defence Forces by 2013.