Radio over IP (RoIP) devices

Radio over IP is a cost effective way to interconnect radio systems. Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) transfers the analogue audio signals used by Land Mobile Radio/Repeater Systems, digitally over the LAN (or Internet). In addition to voice, RoIP also transfers signals that are specific to LMR applications, such as PTT and CORControl lines. It is a technology that enhances and adds value to radio communications networks. The key benefits are: network flexibility, cross-banding interoperability and lower costs

Key benefits

  • RoIP provides secure connection between different Radio Networks in different geographical locations and creates one Network for all. 
  • By using Telegrupp RoIP devices, it is possible to connect multiple radios on different bands into one cross-connected Network. We are able to cross-connect VHF and UHF, tactical radios and mobile radios. Different agencies and/or blue light services can have an easy and effective way to interconnect their service into one Network. 
  • Availability of equipment and decreasing costs of equipment
  • The system uses an existing infrastructure 

Typical applications

  • LMR (Land Mobile Radio) interoperability
  • Cross-banding interoperability
  • Remote control (operator access) of radios
  • Communication gateway between multiple digital and analog radios
  • Radio bridging across IP
  • Users: mining, construction, security, multi-radio sites, road and rail, aid agencies, oil and gas, military, marine

Telegrupp Multifunctional Radio over IP (RoIP) device

Power-Over Ethernet powered multi-protocol IP Telephony enabled RoIP extender/integrator for multi-network connectivity. 

Physical specification

RoIP device: 1 radio (4 radio and 8 radio devices are also available)
Analogue radio port  1xDB25 or 4xRJ45 (4 radios)
  or 8xRJ45 (8 radios)
Ethernet port  1x 10/100 Mbps Auto-MDIX
Console port  Yes, RJ45
DC input  12VDC
PoE (Power over Ethernet)  802.3af
Cooling  Passive
Form Factor   Desktop
Operating temperature  0°C….+40°
Dimensions  61x206x104mm
Weight  600g


IP Telephony calling system +
Analogue radio over IP (RoIP) +                                
SIP Gateway +
H323 Gateway +
H323 Gatekeeper +
SIP user registration  + 
H323 user registration10
Concurent active sessions (SIP, H323)*10
Call Routing 8
DTMF in-band, RFC2833 +
Interactive voice menu +
Hotline function +
Radio control over RS232 +
Codec supportG.711a/µ
G.726 AAL2
G.729 (passthrough)
G.729 (separate license)
G.723.1 (passthrough only)
AMR (passthrough only)
 DHCP server/client
 Multicast +
 Dyn DNS +
 ACL +
 Management SSH, telnet, console, snmp, webinterface
 - SIP call (user or trunk)
 - H323 call (user or trunk)
 - Radio conference partisipant
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