In the news: Telegrupp daughter company Data Center Technologies building Data Center in Lulea, North Sweden. Summary from the SICS North Swedish ICT Newsletter 3 - 2015 

In Short

• The first project for the research and test facility is selected. SICS will run a Hadoop platform and provide Big data as a service.

• Data Center Technology AB, with partners, was selected to deliver the first room-in-room module at the NP3 facility by Traktorvägen with start-up in December 2015.

SICS ICE overall plans

SICS has during the summer selected contractor for the phase 1 (the pilot) in an existing building.

RFP-s are sent out for the IT equipment including servers and switching. The plan is to move into the phase 1 facility in December and install servers during December-January.

SICS has also ramped up the work with applications for more funding of the facility and the research and innovation projects.

The design project for the new facility (phase 2) is going according to plan with selected partners for the building and energy supply system. The plan now is to select IT partner since the design project need that going forward. The plan is to have signed renting/leasing contracts in early 2016. That means the building phase starts in the summer of 2016 and an optimistic target is still inauguration early 2017.

Funding meetings with different national funding organizations will continue during the fall to secure the phase 2 financing. The long-term plan is to get the facility into the EU large-scale research infrastructures program.

Value proposition

The value proposition for supporting companies has been further elaborated.

1. Compute capacity and tools for big data and cloud
• Based on a Hadoop platform for Apache Flink/Sparc
• OpenStack and container platforms next step

2. Demonstration space for new products & solutions
• Datacenter facility for solution integration
• Show room for projects and products

3. Datacenter infrastructure for experiments and facility data
• Flexible lab modules and re-configuration
• Measurement equipment for energy, cooling, capacity etc
• Measurement data access on-site or on-line

4. Competence for verticals and datacenter infrastructure
• Support network of analytics and cloud researchers
• Researchers & engineers for datacenter infrastructure support

Pilot facility in an existing building

To support the already ongoing research projects and get started with networking activities a first phase is planned to be available in December 2015. The winning proposal was from Data Center Technology AB (DCT) with partners. It is a room-in-room solution at Traktorvägen 1 in the NP3 storage building. The SICS North offices will also be there.

The plan is in two steps with the first step being 10 racks with 150 servers, top switches and measurement servers. Second step another 10 racks with 150 servers. The estimated installed power up to 300 KW for all including the supply system.