Telegrupp's Swedish daughter Data Center Technology Sverige AB made good results in 2015

Data Center Technology Sevrige AB 2015 revenues grew 680% YoY to 6 miljoni SEK and it recorded record profit 441 thousand SEK-ni.

In the news: Telegrupp daughter company Data Center Technologies building Data Center in Lulea, North Sweden. Summary from the SICS North Swedish ICT Newsletter 3 - 2015 

In Short

• The first project for the research and test facility is selected. SICS will run a Hadoop platform and provide Big data as a service.

• Data Center Technology AB, with partners, was selected to deliver the first room-in-room module at the NP3 facility by Traktorvägen with start-up in December 2015.

Telegrupp from Estonia named National Champion in the European Business Awards 2015/16

Telegrupp Wins for Estonia in Prestigious Awards competition

Telegrupp 2014 consolidated results

Revenue for the 2014 was 14,7 M Euros. Profit decreased to 1,2 M Euros.

Telegrupp is now the only IBM Software Security partner in Estonia

On October 31st, 2013 Telegrupp AS has been pronounced an IBM Systems Software Security partner, the only one in Estonia.

Hot Off the Press! Mission: Impossible 2 - BYOD Protocol

Back by popular demand, join us for the much anticipated world premiere of the second installment in the Mission Impossible webinar series - Mission: Impossible 2 - BYOD Protocol on Tuesday November 12 at 16:00. 


Telegrupp 2013 results

Revenue for the 2013 YoY was 12,7 M Euros. Profit climbed 31 % to the 1,2 M Euros. 

Telegrupp is now NATO BOA member company

Starting from October 29, Telegrupp Ltd is now eligible for NATO Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) programme. BOA is simplified two-stage contracting procedure consisting of agreement negotiation and contract execution. 

Telegrupp is qualified distributor of Univox in Estonia.

Telegrupp is distributing, installing and designing hearing loop systems.

Telegrupp now updated to AAA credit rating

Krediidiinfo AS, an Experian group company has upgraded Telegrupp from AA in 2011 to AAA on 2012. 

FY 2011 results

Telegrupp AS 2011 revenues totaled 9 million Euros, profit 0,87 million Euros. 

Verax Systems welcomes Telegrupp as new Business Partner

Today Telegrupp – Estonian communication and security solutions provider has joined Verax Systems' Partner Program.

FY 2010 results

Telegrupp AS 2010 revenues totaled 6,88 million Euros, profit 0,8 million Euros.

Telegrupp is now Avaya Connect Partner

Telegrupp has been awarded and authorized as a Avaya Connect level Partner. 

Telegrupp is now IBM premier level partner

Telegrupp has recently met the IBM PartnerWOrld® criteria to become Premier level partner.

New Video Distribution Server from Telegrupp

New Surveillance Video Distribution Server released in June 2010, features  user grouping with LDAP support, inbuilt audio, and browser based client. 

FY 2009 results

Telegrupp AS 2009 revenues totaled 7 million Euros decreasing 27% Y-o-Y. Pretax profit decreased 27% to 752 thousand Euros.

Art Museum of Estonia secures its digital art collection with an IBM Tivoli solution from Telegrupp

"IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is an excellent solution, delivering a safe, reliable, rapid backup process that protects our data – and thus helps to safeguard the cultural heritage of Estonia for future generations." - Tarmo Horn, IT Specialist, Art Museum of Estonia

Arecont Vision Launches Compact JPEG Megapixel Series of Cameras.

Expansion of the Popular MegaVideo® JPEG Line Now Available in Smaller Form Factor 1.3 to 5 MP Color and Day/Night Versions.

Telegrupp AS quality system now certified according to ISO 9001:2008

All processes of design, installation and maintenance of the Low Current Systems are now ISO 9001:2008 certified. 

Telegrupp 72nd in Estonian Companies Competitiveness Ranking 2009

The history of the Competitiveness Ranking of Estonian Enterprises goes back to the year 2003, when the ranking was first compiled on the initiative of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

IPCentrex now available to Elisa customers

Telegrupp's IPCentrex has been available for Estonian incumbent Elion users since 2007. Starting from June 2009, the most advanced IPCentrex services are available also to Elisa subscribers. 

FY 2008 results

Telegrupp AS 2008 revenues totaled 9.4 million Euros increasing 29% Y-o-Y. Pretax profit increased 27% to 900 thousand Euros.

FY 2007 results

Telegrupp AS 2007 revenues totaled 7.3 million Euros increasing 47% Y-o-Y. Pretax profit increased 47% to 812 thousand Euros.

Telegrupp speaking at IP Voice Meeting 2007 in Lisbon from 14.-15.3.2007

International VoIP/IP Telephony event presents more than 30 top-level speakers, including Steve Johnson, Member of the board of Directors of the SIP-Forum, and Jaroslaw Ponder, Policy Analyst of the ITU.

FY 2006 results

Telegrupp 2006 FY revenues totaled 4,9 million Euros increasing 1% on year-over-year comparison. to FY2005, profit increased 138% on Y-o-Y comparison to 332 thousand Euros.

Cayin Technology and Telegrupp Extends Digital Signage Applications into Art Museum. Taipei, July 05, 2006

Kumu Art Museum, newly open art museum in Estonia has chosen Telegrupp and Cayin Technology digital signage solution to offer the museum and artists an innovative way to communicate and express creativity.

Thomson-Powered Fixed Mobile Convergence Arrives in the Baltics

Estonian Service Provider Telegrupp set to launch one of the world’s richest fixed-mobile services for businesses thanks to Thomson’s Cirpack Mobile IP Centrex solutions

MBO in Telegrupp (edited)

Comliet UAB, the Telia-Sonera group company, holder of the 55% majority stake of the Telegrupp AS shares, sold his holding on the last day 2005 to the management. Merko Ehitus AS, holding 45% of the shares sold 13% of the Telegrupp shares to the management.

Kari Lorvi, Indrek Olkonen and Ivo Remmelg now have 25%, 16% and 28% of the shares accordingly.

Sale was completed and Merko Ehitus sold all the rest of the shares in June 2006. Now all the shares belong to the management.

Telegrupp AS gained EUR 157 thousand pretax profit on EUR 4,8 million revenues according to the 2005 unaudited results.

Enterprise Estonia supports Telegrupp with up to 8 million kroons in research and development.

Telegrupp AS project under codename I-Call got support from Estonian Investment Agency Enterprise Estonia.

According to the trends in telecommunication industry, mobile networks gain market share from the fixed networks. Another big trend is VoIP, gaining more and more popularity among enterprises. Till now there has been wall between fixed and mobile networks, both completely separated from each-other. Separate bills, services and solutions. I-Call, the system under development will converge VoIP and Mobile networks to provide single integrated solution to the enterprises. Some of the outlined features of the I-Call are:
  • Web based mobile-fixed telephony management to employees and companies;
  • Savings from the roaming with mobile calls over VoIP (Roaming VoIP) feature;
  • Centrex IP based telephony will integrate company branch offices into one single network with central management;
  • For the operators, I-Call reduces costs in urban areas.
  • Service will be available in Estonia during 2006 through mobile telephony operators.
  • More information: Ivo Remmelg +3725042706

    Telegrupp AS acheived 22nd place in Estonian IT companies TOP101.

    Estonian busness daily Äripäev ranked Estonian IT companies using 6 fundamentals. Revenue, revenue growth, profit, profit growth, profitability and profit/equity of 2004 were used. Telegrupp AS was 22nd in the whole ranking, and shared 11th-12th place with the company Essen RFK in revenue growth top and was 17th in the revenue listing.
    Aasta Positsioon edetabellis 2004 22 2003 56 2002 5 2001 14

    Telegrupp AS 2004 results

    2004 turnover was € 4,2 millions and profit before tax was € 205 thousand, profit after income tax was €147 thousand. Income tax incurred from dividend payment. At the end of the 2004 there were 37 full time employees in Telegrupp.

    Telegrupp 2004 3Q financial results

    Telegrupp has acheaved record EEK 46,7million turnover for the first three quarters. Profit before taxation for the same period is EEK 2,66 million. First three quarters in 2003 totalled only EEK 29,8 million.

    4Q has historically been best selling comprising more than 33 percent of the years turnover.

    OneNumber: new IP communication solution for Mobile operators

    Telegrupp AS is developing on the new Mobile IP Centrex converged communication solution for the Mobile operators, searcing for the synergy with landline operators. New solution brings your mobile services with the same numbering to the PC as well as to the desktop phone. It allows you to dial outward calls or receive incoming calls whatever device you are using with the single numbering. From the hotel with the internet connectivity you can now make calls with the regular home pricing.

    High growth in Telegrupp 1Q revenue

    1Q 2004 revenue closed at €1,2 M and profit after taxes was €0,11 M. Compaired to the 1Q 2003 revenue growth was 124%. Due to the taxation of the dividends, profit was reduced by €63th . Currently Telegrupp has 36 full time employees.


    Telegrupp AS 2003 audited results

    2003 was seen 10% decline in revenue (€2,9M) compaired to the 2002. Company still remained profitable with the €144th after taxes. Telegrupp AS was audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. To obtain the raport, refer to


    AAA rating to the Telegrupp AS

    Krediidiinfo AS gave Telegrupp AS the highest possible rating AAA. It is very remarkable achievement as only 1,5 % of Estonian companies have it. Download Telegrupp AS credit report here.

    New Art Museum of Estonia, project management agreement

    Telegrupp AS signed Low Current Systems project management agreement with Merko Ehitus for new Art Museum. The new building of the Museum will be completed during 2005

    Telegrupp achieved 5th place in Estonian IT companies 2003

    Local business daily Äripäev compared all IT companies in 2003 according to the business results in previous years. Mainly because of highest growth in profitability Telegrupp got 5th place this year. In 2002 Telegrupp achieved 14th place.

    AB Lietuvos Telekomas General Manager transfers responsibilities

    Tapio Paarma, who has headed the adaptation of AB Lietuvos Telekomas into a modern telecommunications company since 1998, will leave his position as General Manager as of 1 May 2003 in order to return to TeliaSonera AB.

    Comliet and Merko Ehitus Ltd. Have Acquired Estonia-based Company Telegrupp AS.

    Following the provisions of the binding Letter of Intent signed on 28 May 2002, on 4 July 2002 UAB Comliet, the largest subsidiary of AB Lietuvos Telekomas, and one of the largest construction companies in the Baltics, Merko Ehitus Ltd. AS, Estonia, acquired a 100 per-cent stake in the Estonian company Telegrupp AS.

    Telegrupp AS 14th place from IT companies in Estonia

    According to the Estonian business newspaper Telegrupp was ranked as 14th IT company in Estonia.
    Click here to download this TOP in pdf format.